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Celebrating success


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I successfully completed my whole 30 and am feeling great. Not sure if I ever got the tiger blood that everyone is talking however I was eating pretty healthy prior to my start date. I'd been eating a mostly paleo diet for past few months including dairy and occasional alcoholic drink. I have been feeling a heightened sense of self confidence based on my making good choices and being compliant with the diet rules. I thought I had lost weight but wasn't sure. Stepped on scale today for loss of 10lbs- I am ecstatic! I celebrated by going out with my husband and having an non-grain alcoholic beverage and let me tell you it was great. It feels nice to be able to say that I have conquered my cravings and no longer am I excited about carbohydrates like cookies, candy and bread. I have also lost my appetite for potato chips which were my downfall at night before bed. I like the slow roll concept of keeping to my whole 30 principles but allowing myself the ability to have something if I really really want it (say I am celebrating a birthday and want a piece of cake). I really feel that this is the healthy eating plan that I have been looking for my 'whole' life. Two of my daughters have decided to give it a try and we are trying to come up with solutions for cooking for the three of us. I would have to say that my success is due to me being a planner and not being afraid to cook on a daily basis. :D

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