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2 days post Whole30


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Well, I finished my first whole30 on Thursday and the first day post, I had a birthday dinner to go to.  So, I did my research and found a restaurant that had lots of broiled, baked etc seafood and really wanted to celebrate with a lobster.  Which means that dairy was the first thing I reintroduced (must have drawn butter w/ the lobster).  Which also meant that I had to forgo the birthday cake (no grains) but even w/ the pressure from family I held my ground and only had one scoop of ice cream - major NSV since I usually cave to pressure.


Other NSV's I've had were blood sugar numbers down from the 245-250 range to to the 110-120 range, BP's have all been normal in the last three weeks.  I can't tell if my clothes are lose because they are already big and baggy.  Finally, I was counting the minutes to get on the scale (still working on that obsession) and I lost 16 pounds and am under 250 for the first time in I can't remember when.


I plan on going through a few reintroduction items and see how I do, but plan on keeping on plan for the foreseeable future..  I have a cruise coming up in two weeks and I'm already working on ways to stay in control.  


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