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10th August start of whole 30


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I'm Bella and have start the whole 30 this morning.  For me I find that this is a way of eating that fits in with my family and where I do not have to make a couple of different meals at the same time.


I am very overweight and am staring down the barrel of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure  ........... 


I would like to feel better - Higher energy levels, better sleep ........


I would also like to hear from people about their experiences over the first 7-10 days.  I read Melissa and Dallas books the whole30 and It starts with Food which I loved and it made alot of sense. They did warn the the first couple of weeks could be rough but after that it gets better.  I'm focusing on better.


Luckily I like to cook so am looking forward to trying new recipes.


Day 1 10th August 2015


Breakfast - Chicken Breast Slices sprinklee with Magic Mushroom powder (c/o Nom Nom paleo)pan fried in coconut oil with salad (lots of) and mushrooms. Yum


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I'm with you, Bella. My first time out begins to day.  Blessedly I have a friend who is 20 days ahead of me and is helping me navigate what is to come. 


I too am overweight and praying for higher energy levels and much better sleep. I was warned that slaying the sugar dragon will be hard. I know for me it will be extremely difficult as I have a huge addiction to sugar. But, as you said, reading these books makes the whole process of whole 30 make sense. 


Well, off to eat my breakfast. I am following the 7 day plan in the book (to start), so I get a Spinach Frittata this am. I am not a cook, but I can follow a recipe, so I am grateful for all the choices that are out there. 


All the best. 

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I started today as well. I am a long-distance triathlete and eating this way does wonders for my athletic performance. People seem to have the belief that if you train for triathlons you can eat whatever you want.  That is simply not the case.  This will be my second Whole30. I have my final race of the season in 6 weeks and am hoping for increased energy levels, getting leaner and having the race of my life in September. 

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Hi Pamb


You're really lucky to have a friend to help and confer with.  I have bought both of Melissa's and Dalla's books plus a couple of others - Nom NOM Paleo and Well Fed 1 & 2.  They have been really helpful.


Today has gone well - I loved my breakfast of Chicken and Salad with vinegrette dressing.  I had to  laugh  - there I was enjoying the macadamia nut oil and white balsamic dressing while some part of me sceamed no its not low fat.  Correct - good fat, good for me and incredibly tasty.  Change of mind set.  Same with avocado - how many times have I been told only have small piece because its sooooo high fat. 


Went for a walk with the dog today - would like to do the  couch to 5Km program but I'll start with walking and move on to that in week 3.


Really impressed with Miyutris. Triathletes are amazing - swim, bike and then a run.  Good luck with the race.  Would love to hear how you go.


My goal is to run 5Km.  Once I do that I set another goal.


Gong to spend some time today making 2 or 3 things to put in the Freezer.  I have already make hamburgers - all ready to pull out when my day goes pear shaped. 

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