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Getting Started this evening!


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Hello all! I have organized my kitchen, moved around the kid's snacks, and picked up groceries to get started at dinner tonight! My family will be eating the same food but with added whole grains. They will continue our Thursday night dinner out, and I will very much enjoy the house to myself those evenings...I am not going to miss it as much if I get time for myself!

                   I have a 1 and 2 year old, and an amazing supportive husband who already pre-cooked venison steaks for us to have for last minute meals. He loves health and fitness, so he is my main support.

                   I was suppose to start last Monday...one thing led to another and I procrastinated every day until this morning. I'm so excited for food freedom! Even though I meal plan and eat clean for every meal I always snack more than needed and I am an emotional eater. A little stress and I am itching for processed foods. I am a stay at home mom, so being with two hot headed toddlers all day can really wear me down. I am so excited to train my mind and body for the better! 


I am ready! 



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