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Starting August 27


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I am planning to start my Whole30 on August 27 and finish on my 33rd birthday.


I initially began experimenting with Paleo-style eating about a year ago and at that time attempted several Whole30s but never made it past 15 days. I come from a context of about fifteen years of anorexia and bulimia, and those ghosts haunt me still, but this past year has been one of great personal growth and progress and I finally feel ready to give this another go.


My goals are to acheive consistent energy levels throughout the day, curb sugar cravings, let go of my addiction to the bathroom scale, heal some chronic running-related injuries, and most importantly, to eliminate once and for all the restrict-binge-purge cycle from my life.


Outside of my eating disorder episodes, which thankfully now are fairly few and far between, I eat pretty well. The main things I will be eliminating will be cream and stevia in my coffee, full-fat yogurt, and oatmeal as my pre-long run breakfast of choice.


These forums were a great source of support to me last time I tried this and I'm looking forward to participating in them again this time around!



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