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Third time is the charm!!


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I tried two other Whole 30s in the past few years but this time I am DOING IT!!


I am finishing Day 8 of no slips or cheats and feel great!  The other times I didn't journal or plan or take advantage of all the great resources that are available on the site.  There is such great help if you take the time to look for it.


I am committing to myself and the forum to make it.  It has seemed hard but not too challenging because I really want the results and are willing to do whatever it takes.  


I cannot believe I have not weighed myself!!  I am 52 yrs. old and have weighed myself daily since I was a teenager.  


It Starts With Food is so great for those of us who love the science.... but I am also one of those folks who read cookbooks so the new Whole 30 book is fabulous.  A one two punch... to sugar, dairy, gluten...


This program is amazing.. Yay me!!  

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