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Elizabeth's 2015 Whole 30


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Not my first Whole30.  I have attempted 5ish, but completed 3.  I frequently do Whole14s or WholePaleo14s to get back on track since I discovered the Whole 30 philosophy.


I had a baby 2.5 months ago and decided I needed a committed whole30 to get back to my Paleo way of eating after my third trimester, where I failed miserably at staying mostly Paleo.


So here I am day 11.  Because I was so off course for the last 5 months, I have been through the typical steps.  Hangover, Kill all the things....  Kill all the things was particularly difficult with a 3 year old that just would not take a nap the whole time.  Just had to take a deep breath to not kill all the things....I almost hyperventilated. 


Day 11 and I am feeling good.  My sinuses are clearing and my knees feeling better.  I have been cooking mostly every night.  Last night the kids had fast food and I had leftovers because we got home so late.  Yeah, I know I am not doing my kids any favors, but it was better than letting them starve while I tried to manage a hungry baby and two cranky kids while I attempted to cook after we got home so late, because dad couldn't pick them up from school.  I am sure I would have faltered under the stress.  I mean there were mini cinnamon rolls sitting on my counter.  (Thanks Babe, love ya for that)


A few things I need to work on:

Lara Bars - Just say no

Scale - Stop peaking

Add Exercise


I just looked at my time hop and saw pictures from after my first whole30 experience.  Wow I looked great!! 







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Day 14


The Lara Bars are gone, I fed them to the kids.  I have not started exercising, but I also have not stepped on the scale. 


I have a habit of testing the temp of the kids food with my finger, then sticking it in my mouth to clean my finger off, not sure if a finger tip covered in oatmeal liquid made with dairy will hurt me, but I am just carrying on.  It was barely any.  I stopped my self this morning when I started to do the same thing. 


I feel good, my energy is good.  My co-worker offered me some almonds and I read the back of the package to him.  Not sure why they needed to put soy malodextrin or whatever in almonds, but they did and a whole lot of other things that did not seem to belong.  I passed.  And he put them away, not sure he'll eat them again. 


Real food tastes so good, especially at this stage in the game.  I made a Nom Nom Paleo broccoli recipe and her Porktastic meatloaf this weekend and it was overwhelmingly yummy.  I also used the pressure cooker to cook a beef roast with homemade pesto and it was the bomb.


I spent a good chunk of Sunday chopping veggies for all the meals this week.  I feel very accomplished, and would like to thank the baby for taking such a long nap so I could finish it.

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So, I have never started my whole30 on the first of the month before.  But this time I started right after I got back from visiting my in-laws, and that just happened to be the first of the month.


It is awfully convenient to be able to just look at the date and see what day your are on.


Rocking Day 17.  Still trying to find the time to add exercise back into my life.

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Day 21


For the last 2 nights I have dreamed of eating chocolate.  Chocolate cake and chocolate covered almonds.  In both dreams I acknowledged that I was on a whole30 and decided I'd just start over tomorrow.


Dream chocolate is not off plan.


In other news, I am getting some awesome meals out of my pressure cooker.  The crock of my slow cooker broke, so I have been converting slow cooker meals into instapot meals.  It works great!!  I also will cook greens or kale in it on the weekend and eat that with bacon, eggs and chopped up tomato for breakfast most mornings.  The flavor I get out of it has been amazing. 

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Day 22


Looked at a selfie I took this weekend.  Skin looks great and my face is so much thinner.  No extra chin.  Woot!  Wearing a squeem today so I can work on my posture.  Every time I find myself slouching that ten reps with the kettle bell I keep under my desk.

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Day 24


Woke up with a headache last night.  It was so strange it made me check the ingredients on the bottle of balsamic I used last night.  (It was fine, but I am pretty sure I would not have bought it if it was not compliant)


Everything else I ate seemed ok, so I am going to log my meals from yesterday here in case it happens again





2 slices bacon (US Wellness)

2 eggs

Seasoned with Kosher Salt



Chicken - seasoned with poultry spice

Avocado oil Mayo

Yellow squash and onions seasoned with Italian seasoning



Italian Sausage (Us Wellness)  (Need to check seasonings in this)

Onions, Apples, Red Bell Peppers seasoned with Italian seasoning and kosher salt

Baby Spinach & Kale, wilted with Avocado Oil, garlic, Balsamic, Kosher Salt and Pepper


Oh and I ate a Banana  (should have had more fat in meal 3)

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Day 25


Leftover fish for breakfast, because it is rude to bring fish to work and have it for lunch.


For anyone who happens to read this and wants to go Paleo and does not like to meal plan.  I highly recommend emeals.com


I have been using them for years now and they make life so much easier.  Whole30s are apiece of cake, figuratively.  They do feature meals with honey occasionally, usually in salad dressing or a salmon glaze, but I swap it out for apple sauce or just don't use that recipe when I am on Whole30.


I had a turkey chili and sweet potato hash last night from emeals, that was so good.  I added some guac on top of the chilli to add my fat for the meal and it rocked!!!

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Day 28


See that, day 28.  I started this whole 30 right after I got back from a weekend trip.  I had been thinking about doing one for a while, but had not committed to it yet.  I got off the plane and just decided it had to happen.  I had not prepped at all, but fortunately when I cook, I cook mostly paleo and when I shop, I buy mostly whole30 compliant food, so it was not hard to get started.  On day one I thought, ya know I am going to start and if I get some good momentum going I'll see it through. 


I am so glad I saw it through.  I am cooking way more often, communicating and planning with my husband.  My 5 year old is eating my food, because he knows he is not getting pizza. (He also may be going through a growth spurt, cause man that kid is eating)  I have handed my kids oreos and not eaten one for myself and at the 5 yo's birthday party I ate carrots and guac, while everyone else had cookie cake and ice cream.  I wore my "I am Whole30" t-shirt to that party, just as a reminder to myself.  I look and feel great right now.


I am not sure what my post whole30 is going to look like.  I have still have some things to work on.  I still want something sweet after dinner and in stressful situations.  Usually a banana, but yesterday I was tempted to cook some peaches in ghee for dessert (I didn't). I have noticed that this desire for sweet is amplified when my food for the day is sweeter.  Using sweet potatoes or plantains for me starchy veg.  I am not sure how I am going to combat that or if I want to combat it. 


I have decided to add rice back first, mostly because the meal I have planned for Thursday night was supposed to have cauli rice and I used all the cauliflower this weekend when I had unplanned guests for dinner.  I think I will stay whole30 after that for a while.  I already know how gluten and dairy effect me.  I may test out beans or soy this time around.  I don't really eat either of those very often though.  Not sure when I want to add alcohol back,  I don't want that to be my go to for stress relief any more.  Maybe just a social thing.



Anyway, I have three days to decide what my post Whole30 will look like.  I am glad I have started to develop my cooking habits again.  I am definitely going to keep that up and keep looking for ways to make that part of my life more efficient.  I want to bring the boys in on that too, because one of my complaints about cooking all the time, is that it takes time away from them and since I work full time and have three kids five and under, there is very little time to go around.  Efficiency is key!!

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It's Day 30!!!


I had a beautiful breakfast of spinach and tomato salad, with 2 whole eggs and 2 egg yokes (Left over from a recipe that needed two egg whites)  cooked in homemade ghee.  With coffee and coconut milk.


I am on my second cup of coffee today, baby girl was up nursing a lot last night, I need the extra pick me up.


I have been surprisingly able to keep my meals down to 3 a day with out much snacking.  I do have a piece of fruit at the end of the night.  It is not always because I am hungry.  I nurse a lot at night and that is my excuse.  I know, I should not make excuses. 


So I am going to add rice tomorrow night and see how that goes.  I already know the effects of gluten, dairy and beans, so I am not reintroducing those until I just really think it is worth it.  I may go look for an organic red wine.  I like wine OK, but the sulfites give me a horrible headache.  I am really a beer girl, but I think I am going to stay away for a while.  I found a local honey mead beer that was gluten free not to long ago, but it was too expensive. 


This has been an easier whole30.  I think getting back into the good habits was very easy this time, because I had learned so much from my previous whole30s and from stay paleo most of the time before my pregnancy.  Since my first whole30 I still read the ingredients on every thing I buy and I generally don't buy it if it is not compliant.  When I cook, I cook paleo, except on those occasions when I make and enjoy some of my cajun splurges and of course there are the tortillas.  Flat breads can be my downfall.  Pizza, tortillas, nan....  I am pledging not to splurge more than twice a month on these things.  They will make me feel like crap and it takes two or three days to recover.


I know my weight has been reduced greatly over the last 30 days, but belly is still a little more giggly than it ever has been.  I know this is left over from the baby and the c section.  Tomorrow I start a whole30 ab challenge.  Planks and sit ups for me. for 30 days.  I must get my core back.  I am going to figure out how to get 30 minutes a day to ride my bike too.  I need it.  I just need to figure out where to get the time.

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Knees don't hurt nearly as much

Face thinner - not embarrassed to look at pictures of my self

Skin looks a little glowerier

more motivated to exercise (even if I am still having trouble finding the time)

posture improving

in a better mood most of the time

Back in the habit of planning and cooking.

Enjoying more veggies

Spending less money on take out

12 lbs gone. 



I'll post before and after face pictures soon.  As soon as I figure out how.

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