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Starting Today - September 16


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Good morning!


I purchased The Whole 30:  The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom a few months ago and made an ill-fated attempt which ended in less than 24 hours.  However, I didn't do the prep work and didn't change my mindset.  Lately, I have commented to my co-workers that my "insides just don't feel good" and the brain fog struggle has been real! 


I'm on stay-cation this week, and I've been reviewing The Whole 30 and reading It Starts With Food.  It feels right to start this now, although in the past, I would've used vacation as an excuse to binge like crazy.  I made my trips to the grocery store to stock up on whole foods and made my meal plan for this week.  Many years ago, I quit smoking cold turkey, and what made that process easier than expected was reading about how the body can repair itself so quickly and dramatically.  Now reading It Starts With Food, I'm adopting the same mindset.  I know I can feel better, have more energy, and feel more confident in my own skin.


This morning, I started my day with Kitchen Sink Scrambled Eggs and a cup of tea.  One thing I didn't expect is how WONDERFUL the smell of melting ghee is - it has perfumed my kitchen!  I'm ready to get after it and see this through to the end.  I welcome any and all accountability, and I'm hopeful I can provide some for you.




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