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Starting round 2 - September 28th


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Hello all,


It's been a couple of months since I finished my first W30 (July 6) and after a rocky reintroduction and subsequent return to almost all my old habits, I've decided to start again. 


A couple of things this time around. I am likely going to make it a Whole 60+ as I'm committing All of October and November to my Whole 30 lifestyle. 


During my first Whole30 I was very negative about the foods I was eating. I stuck to it and did the full 30 days, but I had myself convinced that I hated everything I was eating and just went through the motions. This time around I'm going to adjust my attitude and look for the good in the foods I will be eating. 


These were the foods that made my stomach aches go away...that reduced my headaches...that erased my moodiness. These foods by day 28 had started to make my aching arthritic knees feel better, eliminated my sugar cravings and that helped me achieve a more balanced and happy attitude. Eating this way also caused me to shed 21.5 pounds during my 30 day journey. 


I felt accomplished. I felt hopeful and I felt...happy. So why the hate on for the foods that I was eating that were nourishing my body and mind in a healthy and vibrant way? Not this time. This time I'm going to focus on the fact that this fuel for my body is once again driving me towards these wonderful outcomes. I vow to pine less for the things I eliminate and realize that these old, comfortable foods are not my friends. They are hurting me and have no place in my life. 


I don't know if anyone else is sharing my timeline of starting in just over a week, if so, drop me a message. I found a wealth of wonderful friends / supporters last time around and hope to do so again this time!



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