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Started Whole30 Today: September 19


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I decided to do the Whole30 to help support my daughter who is also doing this. She has a number of health issues and she's tired of feeling sick so much. I researched a lot of options and after a number of people mentioned Whole30, I thought this is the one for her. Now, after reading through much of the book as well as It Starts with Food, I have my own goals for Whole30. Hoping to feel the brain fog lift so I can focus more on some projects, would love to not feel so achy after working out, would love to lose 5 more pounds (I've lost 10 over the last year), better sleep would always be wonderful. 


Day one has been okay. My big issue is I'm not much of a cook, and I spent the entire day cooking and shopping for food. Tomorrow looks to be a lot of the same for me and learning a lot about how to cook with different oils etc and keeping it all healthy is challenging, but I know I can do this. 


Eating three meals a day is different for me too. For years I have eaten 6 smaller meals. I don't like that stuffed feeling. Today was a reminder that I really don't like that feeling. So, this could be another challenging thing for me. Regardless this is something I believe will make a difference both for me and my daughter, who by the way, is really missing her snack.


Day One Completed! :)

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