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Elizabeth's 2015 Post Whole 30 Log


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Day 2


So I reintroduced white rice yesterday.  I also had some boudin, which is cajun sausage stuffed with dirty rice.  The boudin did not have ingredients listed.  Last night I felt like crap.  Not sure what it was from


I had a little fever too.  That might be from the virus my 5 year old had earlier in the week or from whatever was in that boudin.


I have no idea.  Took some tylenol this morning and I feel much better.  My money is on the virus. 


I am back to whole30 rules today and for the weekend.  I'll try the rice again next week


I started an 30 day abs challenge yesterday and I am still on track and only a little sore from that.


As a bit of back ground, this was my 3rd successful whole30 and I am 3 months postpartum.  I have three kids, 5, 3 and 3 months.  I had the last via csection so my core is still very week because I was afraid to do anything with it for so long.


After my whole 30 I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I need to rebuild my strength.  So that is where I am





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Day 4

Back to feeling good. Yesterday I was unexpectedly out of the house more than I thought I would be. I had taco meat, onions peppers and guacamole for lunch, then left to run errand. One of the errands led me to decide it was time to buy a new car. So I got home and got my husband and kids packed up and we headed to the dealer ship. I grabbed a Lara bar. I had my dad came and picked up the kids, but we were at the dealership until almost 8. I usually eat dinner at 6:30. Because I am fat adapted now that Lara bar kept me from feeling famished and heading for the vending machine. I did not even feel hungry when I got home. I ate, but didn't feel I just had too.

I did run light on veggies yesterday, so I am making up for it today. I am calling yesterday a win.

I am doing well waking in the morning and doing my ab work. Today is a rest day. I did lots of squats yesterday to and am a bit soar. Knees and hip still feel good.

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Day 6 again


There are Worlds Finest chocolate covered almonds in the kitchen at work today.


This is a trigger food for me.  If I eat one, I'll eat 2 boxes.  (If I stop at that)


They are so yummy.


I will not buy a box and I am leaving all my cash at home tomorrow just in case they are still there. 

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I survived yesterdays worlds finest chocolate battle.  Someone even bought some for me and put a box on my desk.  I returned it.


I did lose the sweets battle later that night, but not with a trigger food.  We went to a national night out neighborhood party.  I had a compliant dinner, but did splurge on a snow cone with my kids. 


This morning I had cabbage, bacon and eggs for breakfast with coffee and coconut milk.  Not sure what is for lunch, since I did not cook last night.  I have some compliant meat loaf and pre-made paleo meals in the freezer here at work just for such occasions.  (The chocolate covered almonds are still in the kitchen...the struggle is real)


Oh I did not do my abs this morning.  Woke up an hour late.  My 3 year old required after midnight rocking and I lost 2 hours of sleep.


I am going to try to get to them this evening, but chances are slim.  I might have to use this as my rest day and skip the next rest day.

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Day 8


I feel like I come here to confess my sins.


I ate some paleo brownies yesterday.  They were good.  Not chocolate covered almonds, but still yummy.  Since that is two days in a row I had sweets, I am going to go 3 days no sugar.  Just to smack my sugar dragon around a bit.


I found time last night to do my ab work out so I am on a rest day today.  I am going to add some squats to my abs routine. 


I am no longer sore and my cold is subsiding. 


The baby might be getting sick though. 


I had a good breakfast today, packed my lunch with leftovers from last night and have flank steak and sweet potatoes planned for tonight.  Go Thursday!!!

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Day 12


I eat a lot of chocolate.  I like chocolate.  (At least it is enjoy life chocolate)


Had coconut milk chia pudding for breakfast this morning with a banana.  It was good, but I don't have faith that it will hold me over until lunch like eggs and veggies do. We will see.  I brought some paleo trail mix just in case.   Everyone's candy jar is full here at work, so I need to be prepared if I get the urge to snack.  Must stay far away from the candy jars.


Ab Challenge is going well.  I missed yesterday, today was a rest day so I did yesterday's work out today.  55 sit ups, 65 crunches, 33 leg raises and 42 second plank.  The last few are hard every time, but I am getting stronger.  42 sec plank is crazy.


I bought a under desk bicycle.  It will be delivered today.  I cant wait to try it out.  I hope I did not wait my money.  Here is to getting creative to add more exercise to my life.


Did I tell you I have 3 kids 5, 3 and 3 months?  Free time is hard to come by.

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