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Ching Ching :) Week One is in the bank.


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Starting my 2nd week smile emoticon

I certainly feel something different about me and not totally clear what it is. SO, I'm still motivated to keep it Whole 30.

In the past, Pre-Whole30, I listened to my body to tell me what I wanted to eat next. Haha - not always good choices, ya know?

This morning, or actually afternoon - I got up initially and wasn't hungry. After some yoga and meditations went back to bed. It's saturday, right? As I rise from my little nap, @ 12:30PM !!! Anyway, still not hungry and my body isn't giving me any clues. Looking in the fridge, wondering what to do, I saw a bag of potatoes ...... and started salivating. -Crazy. Brown Potatoes//? Really??

That turned into Sunny Side up eggs on hash browns. Totally delicious.

I'm in smile emoticon



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