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Back To Whole30 Basics - Continuing To Be A Work In Progress


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I began my first Whole30 on May 30, 2015.  I had a very successful first go 'round.  I continued in to July and did pretty well in that month too.


August was super crazy!!  In that month, I had a scare with my cat (who is since back to his old self), I became a grandma for the first time, to the cutest sweetie-pie EVER!!! Once my daughter and grandson were discharged from the hospital, we banded together as a family as they had to move locations.  I had energy to burn during this time, my son-in-law couldn't believe it.  I would go from 7:00 am until 9:00 pm at night.


Then September hit and I noticed I was not having as many consistent healthy eating days as I would have liked.  I snuck in ice cream, chocolate, cookies...not exactly Whole30 cuisine.


My thyroid medication was changed which sent me on a downward spiral.  I was even more tired than before, which enticed me to "self-medicate" with more ice cream, chocolate, cookies and whatever "poor me" carbs I could find.  I have since been put back on my previous dosage.


I have since realized that I need to go back to the Whole30 basics in order to have another successful month.  This includes coming back to this forum and posting, like I did before.  I had more success that way. 


I am going to plan my meals for the week; like I did before.  I am going to read my Whole30 book; like I did before.  And, I want to explore new Whole30 recipes.


I can easily sabotage myself if I am tired.  I need to be very cognizant of that and plan for things to counteract it. 


It's not all bad, folks!!  I am almost 40 pounds lighter than I was in 2012.  I am 22 pounds away from my goal!!  Woot woot!!  And I have gone from size 16 jeans to size 11.  People have come up to me and said I am looking really great.  Comments have been made on how nice my skin looks. 


I do not want to fall back on bad habits which is really easy to do.  I want to be healthy for my grandchildren (I recently found out my son and his wife are expecting in May 2016!!) and I want to have the energy I had in August!!


In a few months I am going to have an MRI on my bowels.  I have a new gastroenterologist who wants to make sure everything is okay.  Hence, healthy eating is the way to go!!  I want to have pretty "pictures"!!


My daughter is joining me on this next 30 days.  We are "ice cream" buddies and are very aware we cannot sabotage each other.


Today is Day 1.  I will be checking in on this forum regularly as I found it helped me stay on track before.  The support is GREAT!!  A person needs that.


I'M BACK!!!  :blink:  


Michelle B)


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