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Starting October 24th


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So, how has your first couple of days gone? I'm finishing Day 4 and feel ok today. I was cranky earlier..enough for my husband to ask "Do you feel ok?", but I had just come home from donating platelets and was tired from sitting still for 90 minutes. I took a nap and felt MUCH better!

I made myself a daily journal sheet (yes, I printed out 30 pages) so I can track my meals, my exercise, my moods and any notes. It's much easier to check off or fill in a number than write down everything. I'm doing this to keep myself honest, to plan ahead, and to note recipe pages or sources and notes to myself. It's nothing mind boggling, but if you want a copy so you can edit it for yourself, just email me.

I look forward to hearing from you here or at my page.


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