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Logging my 1st whole30 journey


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Hi there! I am on day 4.

I feel, like crap. Detoxing I suppose. Foggy head, achy body, get sleepy early.

Day 3 I was just crusty, thirsty like mad, and realized I need a good snack ready when I get home from work. The larabar satiates me for thirty minutes.

I realize that I was munching and snacking on things without even thinking, the last few bites of my three year old's cheese sandwich, a caramel at work, fish crackers, although only little bits here and there, it was NON THInKInG!

I want a glass of red wine right now.

I am incredibly lucky that my husband cooks for me, seriously lucky. It has helped SO much.

One of the things I miss the most is my beautiful French press morning coffee with a honking blob of honey and thick cream....yummmmm....coconut milk, well ok, managing, and maybe starting to get used to it....oh and red wine. Did I say that already?

Off I go to pour some sparkling water into a wine glass. I have a headache, but I am pretty surprised and proud of myself that day four is almost done.

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  • Slept well last night, better than before anyway
  • Didn't feel so bitchy this morning!
  • Hubby says I'm not as wide as I used to be
  • Feel lighter
  • Have energy
  • Still thirsty
  • A bit of fog still
  • Slight headache
  • a bit of nausea



Can anyone relate?


ps. i had a dream last night that i TOTALLY cheated on the whole 30...felt like crap emotionally for doing so, and was happy to wake up and realize it was a dream....


by the way, don't get me wrong, this is no walk in the park. i struggle almost every moment to hold back !

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