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Day 1 ... And feeling it!


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Hi folks

This is my 2nd whole30 - last one was a couple of years back and I leant a lot that time so figured it was worth a second time around!

Today is my first day and wow I am feeling it! My ordinary diet is a bit quirky because of food allergies - I end up eating whole food, mainly organic and free range but combined with white flour, which is only grain I can eat (probably because it's completely dead and the plant protein I'm allergic to has been obliterated!). Of late I have been supplementing with way too much wine and sugar :) classic story of coming back from holidays and continuing to eat holiday fare. I realised I either had to buy a new wardrobe or change my behaviour - so here I am!

I mistakenly thought I'd fly through the first few days but instead have been hit by dreaded detox symptoms straight up. Squirrely stomach, fuzzy thinking, tiredness .... Blahhh

The good part is that it has knocked any over -confidence on the head! Anyone else struggling so early?

Cheers, Pipi

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