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Linda's Log. Started 11/27/15.


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I think I've been doing really good so far.  

I forgot that thing in the book about not weighing yourself.  Maybe I'll just hide my scale until December 26th.


Breakfast: 1 cup mixed fresh fruit, 3 egg omelet with mixed veggies inside, 1/2 Large avocado, 1.4 cup light coconut milk from the can in my coffee.

Lunch: Spring Mix lettuce with tomatoes and cucumbers topped with 6oz grilled chicken breast with 1tbs EVO and some red wine vinegar.  1 hard boiled egg.

Dinner: half a small broiled chicken like the kind they give you at Boston Market (breast, wing, thigh, and leg)- trust me it was small.  Two cups romaine with EVO and vinegar.  Green beans with a small amount of clarified butter and half a large baked potato with tomato salsa.  

Night Snack: 2cups cubed cantaloupe

I've been drinking ice water and unsweetened iced tea with lemon throughout the day.


I bought my Christmas tree today and it's almost all decorated.  


I really need to exercise a little.  

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Hi, I wouldn't sweat the Diet Coke. You're human. Get back on track tomorrow. 


What has helped me is posting to my log every evening. It helps to keep me accountable. I also subscribed to the Whole30 Daily newsletter. Each day in my inbox I get very good pointers on what to expect that day and how to cope with various challenges. I think the newsletter is awesome. 


Hang in there. I know you can do it!

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