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1/6/16 Start Date!


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Hi all! I'm starting January 6th -- anyone else?!


I'd hoped to jump on the January 1st bandwagon, but I'll probably still be sipping a New Year's Eve beverage after midnight. ;) And my extended family picked January 5th for a reunion day at Disneyland, so January 6th it is! No easing off sugar slowly for me, I'll be coming in straight off of a day of churros and dole pinneaple whip (and I know that is a terrible idea)! But...Disneyland. So I'm still eating them!  I'm going to need all the encouragement I can get when the churro binge comes back to haunt me a few days later!


This is my first Whole30 and I'm so excited to start. I've got my shopping list written, my non-compliant items are about to get re-homed to friends, and I'm ready to spend the day meal prepping and freezing on Sunday. I'm hoping these 30+ days can help me figure out why my stomach hates me (along with the dr I'm working with!), give me more energy for the running/hiking/yoga/snow sports that I love, and help me slay my gigantic sugar dragon. I have some social events coming up that I'm nervous to navigate, along with a weekend away, but I've decided not to let that stop me, because if I waited until a slower month, this would just never happen!


I'm hoping others are starting around the 6th! I'd love to have some buddies for this adventure -- I haven't been able to talk anyone into this journey with me!

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