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Whole 30 started on Monday

Jennifer G

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5 days down! I have to say, for me, it has been a much easier transition than I expected! The 3 things that I thought I would miss the most; coffee (because my coffee consists of the philosophy "have a little coffee with my cream"), wine and peanut butter! Through reading the many different blogs of the contributors to this process I have been able to figure out a way to have 2 of the 3 satisfied! WOW! How awesome is that! I read the "what to expect" information and so far, I have had some of those occur, but generally it hasn't been something I couldn't handle. I'm starting Day 6 with a confidence that I didn't feel on Day 1. I've been enjoying reading posts and taking encouragement from them. I'm actually getting excited about finishing this out strong! It will be the FIRST time I have ever seen something like this through, if I accomplish the 30 days! I so want to know what it feels like to see this to the end. Good Luck everyone and persevere.

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