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Whole 30 in Last Place


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US News evaluated and ranked 38 of the most popular diets and the Whole 30 came in last at #38. As I flipped through the rankings and didn't see the Whole 30 I thought that it didn't make the list at all. But finally it popped up as last and my heart dropped. Here's what the experts had to say about it.

#38 Whole30 Diet

"According to our panelists, the Whole30 diet might as well be called the biggest loser. Complaints about its absence of scientific support; its severely restrictive nature; its elimination of whole grains, legumes and dairy; and its short-term approach and long-term promises landed this diet in last place overall."

Overall rank: 38

Overall score: 1.9 out of 5

Read the complete article here:


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