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Hello! I am Shelby and I am starting Whole 30 on February 1st!


I have read the Whole 30 and It Starts With Food, which I bought myself for my birthday earlier this month when I turned 47! I am about 75 pounds heavier than I want to be right now but more than weight loss, I want to feel good! I started a February Whole 30 group on FB if anyone wants to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/1537798203178083/


I decided this will be my year! I am doing Boot Camp three days a week and signed up for a 10 K the first weekend in April (Cooper Bridge Run, Charleston, SC).


I have a 26 year old daughter and 9 year old twin daughters, as well. We moved to Charleston, SC almost 2 years ago, and absolutely love it!


In 2012, I weighed 153 pounds (I am 5'8" tall) and have gained around 60 lbs. I have been struggling with high blood pressure and hypoglycemia.


Glad to meet Y'all!



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