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tunibell's Whole30 Lifestyle Log


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Day 33 - The New Start Line


About me: I am a 41-year old mother of two looking to improve my health and avoid the family legacy of obesity and diabetes. I have psoriasis (historically very mild and currently in total remission) and celiac disease, both of which put me at increased risk for further autoimmune issues. I have extensive environmental allergies (for which I will soon be receiving allergy shots) and a history of annoying sinus issues.


I completed my first Whole30 in January, which brought me significantly closer to my goals. I am also participating in the Whole Life Challenge, which runs from January 16-March 11. It's basically the same program, but legumes are allowed, and there is room for the occasional indulgence. That's the framework I will be following until the WLC concludes.


Here's my new starting line quantitative data:


Post-Whole30 Starting Measurements

Weight: 129.4 (-5.3)

Upper Arm: 11.5" (-.5")

Bust: 37" (-2.5")

Abdomen: 31" (-2.5")

Natural Waist: 29" (-2.0")

Hips: 37" (-1.5")


Upper Thighs: 22"/L, 22.5"/R (-1.0"/-1.0")


I've been thinking a lot about it over the past two days, and I've decided that I'm not yet ready to establish any finish line goals. I think that will be an evolving process. I do, however, really like the idea of proceeding one month at a time. At the beginning of my January Whole30, I did a SWOT analysis and found the exercise really useful. So here we go again, for Month 2:



  • ​I've been living this lifestyle for over 30 days, and I've got some forward momentum going.
  • I've seen encouraging results, both scale and non-scale, that will keep me on track.
  • I have a strong support network.



  • ​I struggle with patience. I was actually a little disappointed that I "only" lost 5.3 lbs during my Whole30.



  • Now that I am comfortable with the program basics, how can I augment it for greater success. Hint: I'm thinking vegetable intake goals.
  • The scale and a measuring tape are now available to me whenever I chose. How can I use this feedback to keep me moving forward?
  • Building successful, sustainable change involves focusing on bright spots and replicating them...which of my most successful "non-scale victories" can I build upon?



  • Valentine's Day
  • Possible mini-travel over February break means increased meal-planning difficulties.
  • Slower loss rates and plateaus. Experience has taught me that the most dramatic results generally come at the beginning of a weight loss program. 

Here are my If/Thens...


If I find my patience waning...I will meditate for at least 5 minutes on all of my successes so far. 


If I travel this month...I will research and plan my meals ahead of time.


If I do something special for Valentine's Day...I will stay within my WLC indulgence points.


With this information, here is my plan for February:


  1. I will continue with most of the Whole30 guidelines, but I will allow myself indulgences as my WLC points permit. I may or may not re-introduce legumes, and I will establish some sort of metric for vegetable intake (TBD).
  2. I will continue to run three times a week, bike twice a week, and lift weights four times a week. I will fit in Pilates and yoga when I can.
  3. I will continue to take excellent care of myself by doing the following: getting 8 hours of sleep per night, waking up early for me/alone time, taking care of my appearance (hair cuts, skin care, dental care, etc)
  4. I will continue to reward and support myself in non-food/drink ways: massages, meditation classes, new clothes, etc.
  5. I will set my numerical target for the month at...(thoroughly explored in next post)





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Day 33 (cont) - Working Toward a Numerical Goal


Here's the question: what is a sensible weight target for me?


Thanks to technology (and frequent doctor appointments) I have over five years of data on my weight, which has ranged from 117-147.


Generally speaking, my home-scale weight (the one I consider "official") is about 5 lbs less, since I'm generally taking it naked and first thing in the morning. Therefore, my weight has ranged from 112-142 over a five-year period.


Basic weight charts generally use your height and sex to calculate weight ranges that are considered healthy. Here's where things get interesting...during this time period, I was also measured, and my height ranged from 5'.025" to 5'1". A nice reminder that posture matters. 


More sophisticated weight charts factor in your frame size using your wrist measurement. Here's what I get:


My wrist measurement (circumference just above the wrist bone) is 14.4 cm. According to this site, I have a medium frame. Factoring in my height range and my frame size, various charts put my healthy weight range as 113-129.


My weight on my scale this morning was 129.5. My next big goal is to get to a home-scale number that my doctor's scale would consider healthy: 124. I am choosing this number because it puts my home weight a safe margin away from the top of the healthy range. 


Do I think I can lose 5.5 lbs this month? Probably not. I think this goal might be more of a 6 week goal, which would make it my end goal for the WLC. I'm going to set February's target as two-thirds of this number, and say that I would like to lose 3.7 lbs this month. My February target is 125.8.

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Day 37 - Thinking (and Drinking) Ahead


It's Saturday, and I'm gearing up to run 5 miles this morning. Usually, I do my long run on Sundays, but I *might* decide to have a glass of wine tonight, so I am preemptively protecting my right to sleep in tomorrow morning.


I've been checking in with the scale semi-daily, and seeing it bounce around in its usual way...yesterday I was 128.5, today 129. I'm not attaching any significance to a particular number, and I in no imagine that the difference is because of a "good" day or a "bad day." Weight fluctuates, and there are so many factors involved. 


If I do decide to have a glass of wine tonight, I am establishing a new rule for drinking: one full glass of water before, one full glass of water afterward. 


I am now solidly and comfortably into a size 6. I think my ultimate goal is to fit into a size 4, but we'll see. 

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Day 40 - Sputtering Engine


I had my glass of wine on Saturday, preceded and followed by lots of water. It was delicious, but my sleep definitely suffered, and I was reminded of all the benefits of cutting way back on alcohol. I'm not planning on drinking again until Valentine's day (I've got a really great bottle of sparkling rose in the fridge and Monday is a holiday!)


My weight loss has stalled a bit, and this morning I'm feeling a little downcast about that. I don't mind the fluctuation, but I'd love to be seeing a new range. This might mean I take a scale break, or it might mean I need to tweak a few things here and there diet-wise. I'm thinking no nuts, dried fruit, or scale until Sunday morning (the mid-point of the month).

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Day 47 - Regrouping


On Sunday, I had my body composition analyzed by hydrostatic means. Very interesting. I clocked in at 129 lbs and 30.25% body fat. The analyst that I worked with felt that, given my height and curvy [read: comically large breasted] body type, I should be aiming for a ceiling of 28% body fat, which would be 125 lbs, right in line with my current short-term goal. My goal weight for "ideal body fat" of 22% would be 115.3.


The scale is still stuck, as it has been for two weeks, on 129, give or take a pound in either direction. Instead of getting discouraged, I'm thinking very strategically about what I can do to sustainably (key word there) get the ball rolling again. Here's what I've come up with:


1. Continue with the no nuts, no dried fruit policy. Sadly, this change yielded little in the way of results last week, but perhaps I have not given the strategy enough time.

2. Add more low-impact activity. I've decided to swap out my two 30 minute biking sessions, which I loathe, for lots of walking or hiking, which I enjoy. 

3. Easy on the olive oil.  I've been pouring this puppy with a heavy hand. Time to trade some of it in for less processed, whole-food sources of fat.

4. Take probiotics and digestive enzymes. While I've been great about taking my fish oil, zinc, and Vitamin D every night, I've been less good at remembering to take these two, which are important given my celiac-compromised intestinal track. I want to make it easier for my body to get what it needs from my food. Timing has been my big issue for the probiotic. I think I need to add it to my nightly regimen (even though it comes from the fridge, and not a bedside pill box like the others). The enzymes can sit at my seat at our table.

5. Something green at every meal.

6. Focus more on strength training. I want to really improve my basics. (Excellent post on that here).


The chances of me getting to 125.8 by February 29th are remote, but not impossible. Let's do this!

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Day 52 - Closing Out February Strong


Thanks, ThyPeace!


I just returned from a 4-day mini vacation. I used up all 7 of my banked "indulgence" points, and I'm very proud of how I used them. I ate clean the vast majority of the time (no small feat when on vacation) and used them only for wine and special treats (GF tiramisu!!!)


I clocked in this morning at 128.1, which is the lowest number I've seen so far. While I doubt I can shave off 2.3 lbs this week in order to reach my February goal, I think I can put a dent in that number if I follow my guidelines above and making sure that this week's menus include lots of salads and soups. 



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Keep it up!  You're doing a great job.  Just keep going -- every decision in the moment adds up to getting you there, and the most important part is just to get yourself into the right environment.  You're doing a great job of that!


ThyPeace, to exercise, first get out of bed...

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Day 59 - A Stone Cold Bummer of a Month


End of February

Weight: 130.3 (.9)

Upper Arm: 11.5" (0")

Bust: 37" (0")

Abdomen: 31" (0")

Natural Waist: 29" (0")

Hips: 37" (0")


Upper Thighs: 22"/L, 22.5"/R (0"/0")


I'm ending the month in roughly the same place as I started it. That's frustrating. Also, during yesterday's run, I felt a flare up of the plantar fasciitis that plagued me last year and totally derailed my running. I'm feeling very disappointed, and I think I'm just going to sit with that feeling today. 

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