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Week 1 (nearly) done!


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So it's early evening on Day 7.  I am drinking herbal tea, and have shepherd's pie in the oven to eat while watching the big game tonight.  Friday, I posted about how terribly I felt - sluggish, exhausted...it's amazing what can happen overnight.


I woke up yesterday morning on Day 6 feeling amazing.  Everything seemed clearer, brighter, sharper, and my body felt great.  I think I turned the corner.  I've been searching for new recipes and have stayed strong through a few cravings this past week.  And my body thanks for me that!


I wasn't entirely sure when I started Whole30 on February 1st.  I'd figured out a few years ago that I was allergic to dairy - not an anaphylaxis kind of allergy, but enough where it did not feel good to have dairy.  Then soy and gluten started to have an effect on my body and my mood, so I tried to avoid eating those, too.  But then it was hard to tell exactly what was bothering me.  I became a label reader because of the dairy...which made the transition easier for now.


I wasn't sure about Whole30.  I am someone who will do research upon research before purchasing something big or starting something big.  So, I did my research and read up on what people's experiences had been, and thought...what do I have to lose?


The Whole30 book is right.  Planning and preparation are absolutely critical to being successful.  And while it's strange for me to not stop at the grocery store every other day, I like that I know what I'm making for dinner in 3 days.


This forum is a great place for advice, and tips, and can I have this or that?


1 week down...3 more to go...and feeling stronger than ever!

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