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Rachel's Whole30 Log--First Try, Take 2!


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I started my first Whole30 13 days ago, but yesterday I had a sweet treat (no sugar added coconut milk ice cream...the only thing off plan was carrageenan, but it still counts as a slip up!) and I decided to start over from scratch. This will take me through Lent, so it's a good time to start, I think! This time I decided to start a log to keep me accountable and help me push through the tough days!


Here's where I'm at: Yesterday I celebrated six months of marriage yesterday to my very best friend. We are waiting to have children until my husband is finished with his courses toward his PhD, so that will be in spring 2018, but I can't wait to have a baby! The only problem is that I have a chronic illness that might make pregnancy difficult, so I'm planning ahead to do the best I can to prepare my body to go through a pregnancy as easily as possible. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which means that my joints are hypermobile and that hypermobility causes chronic and acute pain (acute when my joints dislocate, chronic from the everyday tasks of holding my bones together). Hopefully by doing the Whole30, I can undo some of the systemic inflammation caused by EDS and get rid of the chronic pain and many of the dislocations and subluxations. I just want my body to be the healthiest it can be!


This goal of being the best future mother I can be is keeping me focused, but it's not always in the forefront of my mind when faced with foods with no brakes. I am hopeful that I can recalibrate my relationship with food so that I can be in the best mental space for my family as well. 


Here's to working toward a healthy, happy relationship with food and my body through these next 30 days! 

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Today was sort of day 1, sort of day 14. I know I need to be a grown up about starting over from scratch, but I'm worried that if I do I won't feel motivated to continue (as in, my brain may start to see every day as an opportunity to cheat and then start over--definitely not what I'm going for!!), so I'm keeping my previous count going with the understanding that I will still complete an additional 30 days on top of those extra 13 that I bungled with a poor choice. 


It was a pretty good day! I had chicken salad with homemade avocado mayo and some strawberries for meal one, more chicken salad (I know, I know) with a roasted sweet potato for meal two, and taco salad with salsa and fresh guacamole over romaine lettuce for meal three. Definitely not the most varied day in terms of vegetables, but I'm heading to the grocery store first thing tomorrow morning to grab some easy-to-eat veggies (like sugar snap peas) to add for the rest of the week. I also have a roast with carrots, butternut squash, and onions from the weekend that I will take as dinner to work! 


I went to the gym and had a decent workout this morning, but I'm looking forward to going back with my husband tomorrow morning! 

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