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Shape shifting


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During this post Whole30 month, I did a careful reintro of gluten grains and yogurt. While I don't plan to eat a lot of either, I'm happy to see that I think they'll be ok for me when I really want them. Lost .7 lbs this month but my non-scale victories continue big. I did well with eating good meals that leave me without the need to snack. Nuts and shredded coconut didn't happen between meals. After dinner has always been my Achilles heel. Sugar's hold on me has really relaxed its grip. Interesting that I had small actual weight loss but increasing comments from co-workers. My shape continues to shift and smaller clothes are in my near future. I continue to work insane hours in my mostly sedentary job so I'm really looking forward to the time change so I can get some walking back into my life.

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