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Hi, I am Kate


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I started my second Whole30 yesterday. After my first one in May 2014, I found most of the principles stuck and my eating habits stayed well balanced, thought out, and comfortable.

But then...(cue ominous music), on December 26, 2015, I quit smoking. I smoked for 45 years. For the last two months I have literally crammed food. Ice cream, fast food, candy, whatever.

The breaking point happened for me last week when I realized I had actually eaten two loaves of bread and a pack of hamburger buns in one week. By myself. (My husband eats very little bread).

Okay. I don't feel guilty about it at all, because by golly I quit smoking. But I gained 18 pounds in 60 days and weight gain is what has ALWAYS led me back to smoking.

So naturally it's Whole30 that I turn to. I know it will retrain my brain.

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