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Hi, I'm Barbara and I'm completing this journey with my husband Brian.


We have been doing great so far although the cravings for chocolate or bread were bad yesterday.

Today we can definitely confirm that days 10 and 11 seem harder to stick to the program.

One thing we hadn't realized is that we are not supposed to be snacking between meals. I must have overlooked that in the book and still have been taking a piece of fruit or some nuts with me for a morning and an afternoon snack. Not sure how I will make it through the day without those but I will try starting tomorrow.


I feel very energetic and alert but don't sleep too well unless I help it along with one of my herbal teas (licorice root, chamomile, catnip and valerion) that knocks me out cold. My plan is to give it another try in a couple of days without the tea.


We both want to continue eating close to whole 30 after this but with operating a farm and both of us in full-time jobs the preparation that's needed for all 3 meals on the day of or ahead of time is definitely a drawback.


I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's experiences in this forum.

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