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1st Whole 30 Complete... onto the 2nd :D

Jeanni Hall

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In honor of the first day of my 2nd whole thirty, I thought I'd repost what I posted on my food log yesterday (with minor changes in red:)



Update:  I made my Day 30 with flying colors.  :) I'm really, really proud that I made it, and didn't really have too much trouble sticking with anything. As I've said all along, this diet actually represents a much larger variety of foods and ways of cooking than I had been allowing myself for so long.  I had a really toxic relationship with my food - I see that now looking back on the past 4 years.  Not because of any one particular food I couldn't resist, or foods without brakes... but because the unexplained and seemingly random episodes of pain and illness that would follow meals had put me in a place of fear.  I could eat something one day and be fine, and seemingly the next day or week, the exact same meal would bring on days of misery: pain, cramping, nausea, and other "tmi" digestive issues.  I was gunshy and hesitant about eating anything... because no food felt safe.  When I did find a food that was safe, I would eat that one food until I was in a food rut.  This is so far from what I ate like as a child that it boggles the mind.  When I was young, I was raised to try everything at least once.


Even now with my new, healthier attitude, trying a totally new food is scary.  The difference is... I do it anyway.  I've gotten back so many foods I thought were gone from my diet forever: broccoli, cauliflower, bananas, nuts, just to name a few....  and i've learned that if I venture out too far, and have a bad experience, there's a safe "fall back" position full of foods that I can eat until my stomach settles and try something else new.  But even that has only happened a few times in the past 45 days.  (I started on 1/31, then reset once, and "finished" a few days ago).


My sugar numbers are back into normal ranges.  I lost 12 pounds as a bonus.  I feel better.


Are things perfect yet? No.  I still don't sleep how I should, I still drink a little more coffee some days than others... and if I stop paying attention and pre-prepping breakfast for just a few days, i feel my tendency to skip breakfast wanting to come back.  Am I craving anything enough to want to reintroduce it? Not yet.  


I was REALLY sick.  I'm a LOT better, but I'm not fully well yet.  I think I've got one or two more whole 30's to go before I feel that I've really got this path laid out and will stay on it.  Am I going to do it?  You bet I am.


Although I haven't gone off the whole 30 list of foods, so I've been technically compliant, the past few days I've been a little less organized on when I ate and how it fit the template... so time to buckle back down again and make it official.  And this time, I'm gonna tweak it and make it an even BETTER whole thirty.


Tomorrow TODAY! will be Day 1 of my 2nd whole 30.  Ready, set... GO!


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