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Wow! Great response, several Autoimmune conditions!!


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I just finished my first whole 30 last week...the NSVs are so rewarding and my scale and measurements were a complete shock! I have several autoimmune conditions that I was hoping to target with this lifestyle change, and the rewards keep on coming!

I have increased energy, no longer HATE the thought of waking up, improved sleep quality, clearer skin, so many improvements with 20+ years of IBS, sinus and asthma symptom improvement, and huge reduction in RA symptoms and pain! I love the new foods I have tried, numerous compliments from others on how "healthy and bright" I appear! I lost 10 pounds and a combined 7 1/4 inches in my waist, hips and thighs...completely unexpected!

I have chosen the slow roll introduction because I truly love how good I feel physically and mentally, and although I set things off with my love of popcorn (RIP for that movie snack) I am absolutely amazed at how my body communicates...and my new ability to listen and immediately adjust!

It's challenging...but is so worth the effort!!!

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