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KP's Whole30: Start date 3/28/16


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So originally my sister in law and I were going to start April 3rd, but we decided to push it up almost a week and start today!

Put together a meal plan for most of the week (not sure what I'll be eating for dinner Thursday and Friday, and lunch Friday and Saturday but I'll cross that bridge lol).  We went grocery shopping Friday for everything, so I feel pretty set!


One thing I wish I would have done was pre-made something last night because I didn't get to eating until after an hour I woke up and I was starving by the time I finished my veggie hash browns and scrambled eggs.  I'm also going from very rarely cooking to cooking every day so this will be interesting....especially for breakfast.  I'm typically a cereal and milk gal and now I wont be so I'm really hoping my stomach cooperates.  I do bland cereal and milk because it has been the easiest on my stomach in mornings.


So far so good, though.  Glad today is my day off because I'm going to be making most of my meals today and either refrigerate (if I'll be eating it again tomorrow), or freezing it for a later meal :)  Now to just figure out my best portions and hope I don't have too much of a headache this week due to poor eating on Easter yesterday and the day before!

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