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Done the Whole 30! But Extending to a Whole 60!


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So yesterday was my official Day 30! I had done the Whole 30 a couple of times before, but I was battling an eating disorder at the time so it honestly wasn't a good time in my life to do it. However, this Whole 30 I completed after being over a year (465 days to be exact) of being ED free--I felt like I was in a place to do it without engaging in old behaviours. 


Was it a success? I think so. I was battling, unexpectedly, a lot of health issues during this Whole 30. I got to around day 15 and was still feeling crippling fatigue, so I went to see my GP. We discovered that I had very low iron, bottomed out low vitamin D levels, elevated PTH, and a cyst on my thyroid gland! So, with supplements and further medical instructions, I can say that my health has improved a lot in a month. However, since I was having a lot of underlying issues, I didn't really start to feel the 'magic' just quite yet...


...so I am going to extend to another 30 days and do a Whole 60! I think that now that I have some underlying medical issues more or less sorted, extending to 60 days will be perfect. 


Results wise for the first 30 days: good, but as I say, still dealing with underlying medical stuff. I didn't take a 'before' picture (out of embarrassment... I'm a dummy) but I took pictures at day 19 then at day 30 and I notice a bit of a difference. I went through my sugar withdrawal (so not fun) and have come out on the other side, and I am having way less issues with feeling hungry all of the time. 


The first 30 days was a mixed bag, but a definite step in the right direction. I will be checking in with myself at day 45 and then again at day 60 to see how much more I progress! Waiting to feel that magic! 

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Okay, so here is my 45 day check in:


Things are going well. Fighting the chronic, crippling, fatigue is going well. More doctors appointments, more specialists, but I am still sticking to the Whole 30. I am trying to fit more vegetables into my diet, especially greens. 


Is there 'magic' yet? Nope. Not yet. But, I am creeping ever closer to the resolution of my chronic issues. With the arrival of spring, finally, I am getting so much vitamin D so my health has been improving. I am going for walks, doing hot yoga, and training for a half marathon. 


Overall I feel better, but I have a long way to go still. 


I will check in again at 60 days (with pictures!) and make the decision then--to whether I call it a day at 60 or whether I extend to a Whole 75 or Whole 90. I am going hiking in Congaree National Park for Memorial Day Weekend, which would take me to a Whole 85--so I might leave it at that. 


I'm 1/3 afraid to ride my own bicycle but 2/3 wanting to give the Whole30 a little bit more time. 


We shall see how I do! I will check back in on day 60!

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