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Hey everyone!


I am Mary, a 26-year-old married teacher from Florida. I have done two Whole 30's now (with one failed attempt in between). This second time was so much better all around, for lots of reasons, and I wanted to keep my momentum going by logging about life post-whole30. I don't want to keep bugging my mom and husband and friends about every new thing that I learn. And it would be nice to have some like-minded community.


My successes on this last W30, which ended in late March:

-Better sleep

-Better moods (I am diagnosed with major depression and general anxiety, both of which were mostly under wraps this month)

-Lots of energy

-Loss of around 14 lbs and several inches

-No constant heartburn

Most importantly: a reframing of the way that I think about food/eating!


This last one I noticed when I went to the store to pick up supplies for my grain reintroduction. I was reading all the labels of stuff I used to love and was just kind of disheartened and uninterested in this food now. I basically forced myself to buy some whole wheat bread and some pasta (husband was happy), and I had some the next day, but really only because I wanted to test out the grains in a controlled setting and not because I was actually interested in eating them. I know a lot of people would say don't reintroduce until you feel the need to, but I didn't want it to be three weeks later and faced with an offer to get pizza and having no idea of what it would do, right?


Anyway, the reintroduction is going well. I found out that dairy is the reason for my chronic heartburn. Wheat seemed to treat me fine except it didn't fill me up as much and I don't really care about it anymore, so I probably will keep it to a minimum. Today is non-gluten grain products, but I had a nice w30 breakfast (avocado, eggs, and sauteed mushrooms). Popcorn is my one true love, so I'll be trying that out tonight with Once Upon a Time.


I'm looking forward to keeping this up to date and browsing around the other logs to see how other people are dealing with riding our own bikes. Thanks for reading. :)

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Finding out what was causing your heartburn is a great non-scale victory!  And actually, better moods when you have a diagnosis like yours is also a major huge deal.  Totally awesome!


ThyPeace, lactose intolerant and learned that corn ain't so great.  And bread is my gateway drug, harder to give up than sugar after a feast day.

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