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Started on April 10th


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Hi, my name is Alexis and I started my Whole30 diet just a few days ago. I was on a Paleo diet, but was struggling with my weight loss and I was constantly discouraged from my progress. I did lose about 20 lbs. from January to the end of March, but I hit a stopping point. I know this diet is all about getting healthy and the fact that I don't have to count my calories and cannot step on that scale for a whole month is a stress reliever to me. I know that I might not lose weight and I realize that this is all about being healthy which is even better.


I am very new to this diet and have not researched enough and might have made some "booboo" decisions (for example I saw a Whole30 smoothie recipe that I love, but it's not recommended by Whole30), but it's all a learning process and I hope to understand this diet in length by the end. I hope that everyone who is doing the Whole30 diet has a successful journey  :) ,​ thanks for reading and have a healthy day!


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