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Post Whole 30 - with less meat!


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Today is Day 24 of my first Whole30 so I'm joining the post-Whole 30 logging community a little early.  It's been remarkable, with my biggest changes in the Non-Scale-Victories.  My mood, my sleep, my feelings of joy - I'm really appreciative of the changes and not very excited about going back to how I felt before!


I was a "pescetarian" prior to the Whole 30 with what I thought was a pretty serious plant based diet... but I think I'm eating more plants now that I did before! That being said, I'm pretty tired of all the meat I'm eating and looking forward to eating less as I transition out of the Whole 30.  If there are any others out there who have moved away from so much meat after the Whole 30, I'd love to hear some advice!


Today was a travel day which was pretty hectic, but I did fine considering


Breakfast  - on the way out the door to the airport: Epic turkey bar (compliant!), apple, banana

Lunch - bought in the airport to take on the plane:  salad with lettuce, turkey, tomatoes, cucumbers olives, almonds, eggs, oil & vinegar

Dinner - room service: steak (no sauce), plain baked potato, brocollini, Pellegrino. 


I'm toying with the idea of a "Whole 30" for exercise as part of changes I'll be making... 30 days of exercise with a set of rules parallel to the rules of how to eat - same experiment.... Change in weight and NSVs.  Anyone else interested in joining me (or anyone who has done something similar?) 

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Day 26...


Scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit for breakfast

Turkey, roasted veggies, fruit for lunch

Short ribs, roasted veggies, salad for dinner

Vegan lemon cashew bar and pistachios for dessert


On the road but staying compliant! 

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Back to the log!  Yesterday was the first "craving" day I've had since practically the beginning.  I think it was grains/fruit without much protein that was the catalyst.  Today is already better with just getting back to more "templated" meals. 


I still want to work on less meat overall... as much as I know I feel good on this paleo plan, I have ethical (and some health) concerns about a diet that has this much animal protein in it.  Anyone else?


Breakfast - banana with peanut butter, coffee with milk, 2 HB eggs, fruit

Lunch - beef roast, brussel sprouts, squash

Dinner - chicken salad, vegetable soup, dried mangos, kombucha

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