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Introduction - also starting May 1!


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Hi all. I figured I may as well do an introduction and take the plunge.


I have been reading about Whole30 for a few months and the idea of resetting my health is incredibly timely and appealing to me.


I've decided to start May 1. I have been eating clean-ish for the past 1.5 months or so and lost a quick ten pounds, but alas, unhealthy habits have crept back in.


I also really need the reset with booze - I'm a busy mom, have had a tough year, and well, bad habits all fell into place. 


I'm hoping these forums will provide the support I need to make it through the challenge. I don't think my husband can hack this and I know he doesn't have the sense of urgency I do about resetting my healthy habits and relationship with food.


Well, that's about it. Looking forward to chatting with and supporting you all!

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