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Started April 22, Here's how it's going thus far!


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Hello! My name is Natausha and I've had leaky gut, IBS, and possibly other issues since I was a child. I started caring more about my diet after my first pregnancy with my daughter but a light switch really turned on when my mother was diagnosed with an Autoimmune disease of the Thyroid called Hashimotos. I have read that your chances of getting an autoimmune disease are 1/3 genetic and 2/3 lifestyle, diet. I know I can't do anything about my genes but I'm 27 and wanting to change the other 2/3 for the better and hopefully heal my gut along the way! You can follow my experience at my blog HERE at www.lettersfulloflove.wordpress.com Good luck to all of you who are starting this journey or who have been here for awhile!! 


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