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My PWO meals and dinner seem too late in the day


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Hi All,


I've browsed the forums on this and read this article but none seem to get at my issue. 


Here's my situation:

Breakfast: Between 6am - 7am

Lunch: Between 12pm - 1pm

Dinner: Varies


I arrive home from work between 5 - 5:30pm.


One of two things happen: a) I don't have any evening plans or workouts and I go about making and eating my dinner which usually means I eat around 6pm or B) I have plans to rock climb and go to the gym, usually planning to be at the gym 6pm - 10pm or 7pm - 11pm where it takes me about 25 minutes to drive to this gym, so I'll often get in to my home and then go straight to the gym. 


So questions...

  • Is rock climbing an intense enough "workout" that I need a PWO meal? I'm not (typically) sweating unless I'm pushing myself to the limits
  • Same question for something like a low to moderate hike
  • If the answer to the above is yes, when should I eat me PWO? The way my schedule is, I've been eating a pre-workout meal 15-75 minutes before going to the gym, going until about 10/11pm, and then eating dinner after (which I've been using as my "preworkout meal" but am seeing alon the forums that I shouldn't do this). Regardless, this creates the issue of just eating really close to my bedtime since I go to bed within an hour of getting home from the gym 


I feel like any other time of the day I totally get it - eat a pre-workout meal, go workout, eat your post-workout very soon, and then have your actual breakfast or lunch after that. But I workout so late into the evening it starts to bump into the "stop eating before bed" rule

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Hi katlinm, I am experiencing the exact problem, was searching for an answer to my question when I saw your post. I do Crossfit after work either at 6pm or 7pm. I try to take protein before and after exercise, usually eggs. But that means I am only eating my dinner (protein and veggies) between 8pm-9pm/9pm - 10pm and I try to get to bed around 10pm (which means I eat and then immediately go to bed almost). I am also concerned about what I can eat so close to going to bed. On one hand protein seems like a sure thing but then I am worried about eating something heavy just before going to bed, putting strain on my digestive system which would influence my sleep. Fruit does not seem like a good idea because that means sugars are released just before bed which will probably end up being stored as fat.


Not sure what to do :)

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