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Doing a whole12 after falling off the wagon


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I completed my whole30 a few weeks ago, and fell off the wagon pretty darn hard. So I'm re-introducing the strict whole30 rules for the next 12 days before my exam on Saturday June 4th to get some routine and hopefully some tiger blood back. I am posting here to have some accountability!


meal 1: lamb mince in tomatoes, roasted cauliflower and courgette with olive oil. Black coffee and an apple.


meal 2: chicken breast with crispy skin, broccoli, plum tomatoes and an avocado.


meal 3: TBD with how I feel later, it will either be chicken soup or persian style cod with roast sweet potato and broccoli with any leftovers going for my lunch tomorrow!


I look forward to gaining some control over the next 12 days. Wish me luck!

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