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The Fog has lifted- starting Day 4


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Wow...that's all I have to say is...wow!

I was a fairly good eater before but added in a lot of unnecessary healthy and unhealthy foods, pieces of chocolate throughout the day, granola bars as snack and meals, popcorn, corn chips, on top of my usual fruits and veg. But since I still felt gross I needed to change. I am not a meat, egg or fat eater so this is a drastic change for me and something I definitely have to plan and think about and really commit to. I have to say on day 2 I didn't think I was going to make it past day 3 but here I am on day 4. That fog lifted and I feel amazing this morning! Finally getting a hold of making my eggs and veggies for breakfast instead of just throwing a yogurt and granola bar in my bag for work. I am just dandy with black coffee and snacking on fruits, veggies and nuts all day (still haven't gotten into the 3 meals as I've always been a grazer). Granted I haven't been as strict as I could be, still finding hidden bits of soy and seed oils in things but this is the best I've done with my eating EVER! And as I get the hang of this and my pantry and fridge stocked with the correct things I will just do my best.

I guess I am only on day 4 so I still have a lot of challenges ahead but it's nice to have that energetic feeling back at least for one day so I have something to look forward to on each new day.

My skin is clearing and my stomach and it's ever-present bloat isn't even exsistent. Thank you thank you thank you! And the forum is my go to when I ever feel that urge to grab a chocolate kiss off a coworkers desk, so great for ideas and support.

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