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Started Sun June 5th! First ever Whole30


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Hello! My name is Erica, I'm 32 years old, and I've been living with interstitial cystitis for 7+ years.  I've been leaning towards paleo diets and have been gluten free x 3 years now, but always felt I was still missing the big picture, as I also have severe allergies/allergic asthma, IBS (lifelong), ADHD (lifelong), likely endometriosis/fibromyalgia as well.  By day, I work as a full-time nurse practitioner, and by night, I'm a musician/composer, and my interests outside of that have always included exercise, yoga, cooking, and nutrition.  This year I have particularly taken more time for myself to help heal my body.  I started seeing an herbalist and an acupuncturist in addition to my primary medical team/PCP/and specialist- and only once I had merged the best of both worlds, Eastern and Western medicine, was I able to get down from being on 12 meds to now 5-6 meds.  I am hoping with this better way of eating/lifestyle paradigm shift, I can further heal my body/gut/immune system, optimize my quality of life/get better pain control, more focus, and more energy.  I have already re-arranged my fridge, did some pre-research before I jumped in, and have used today to prep meals for the entire work week! I am excited to see how this goes!

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