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Started today, June 7

Alex Crosby

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I've struggled with a sugar addiction my whole life, got to college thinking I would finally get "healthy," and now I've completed my first year and put on the Freshman 15....except it was more like a Freshman 20 or 30. I grew up as a heavier kid, slimmed down in high school (by cutting calories...I thought I looked better but I sure didn't feel better), and then my senior year went on a fast decline and started putting on weight. It hasn't stopped and now I am the unhealthiest I've ever been. I've struggled with self-esteem issues my whole life, and they play a big role in why I have decided to do my first Whole30; but the biggest motivating factor is the fact that I am so limited by my current health status. I'm unable to accomplish the things I want to accomplish, big and small. I'm out of breath at the top of a staircase. I'm always exhausted. I've struggled with depression for several years. I'm always hungry and irritable and foggy-brained. It's time to start showing love to my body, it's the only one I've got in this lifetime. I feel it was no coincidence that I found Whole30; it is exactly what I have been looking for and I am nervous but excited to embark on this journey. Best to everyone!



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