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First Whole 30 for this busy mom


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I actually started my Whole 30 16 days ago, and I kept meaning to start a log here, but, my life is crazy busy (13 children ages four to thirty, plus in law children and grandchildren, a home business and we homeschool....yes they are all ours, one mom, one dad. One adopted in the mix too. Oh, and two of my children have Down Syndrome..

So far things are going great. Renewed energy, no food cravings and chronic arthritis pain is gone!

I will start by listing what I ate yesterday:

Late breakfast: 2 cups breakfast hash (bacon, home made sausage, coconut oil, onion, cabbage, broccoli and eggs), plus a few bites of Sauerkraut and three oz of home brewed raspberry kombucha

Lunch: almonds and fresh strawberries,** 1 quart herb tea (red rasp leaf, nettle, peppermint and alfalfa with a few drops of liquid stevia)

Dinner: salad with Turkey breast, bacon, olives, spinach, cucumbers, oil and vinegar

Dessert: smoothie (strawberries, almond milk, collagen powder, four drops liquid stevia)

Oh, and I am not eating night shades

Today's goal is to drink three quarts of water (Inc a quart of tea). I have not been drinking enough or eating enough...I'm working on those!

**small lunch because breakfast was at 11 am, lunch at 3 pm and I knew dinner was going to be at 6 pm

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Yesterday was crazy, though everything went well.

Breakfast = 2 cups breakfast Hash (see yesterday), Sauerkraut, kambucha

Lunch = stuck in town with all three little girls, not having planned to still be away from home. Thankfully I keep almonds in my car! So almonds were my Lunch. Amazingly, I had sustained energy to run errands for four hours despite the lack of a sufficient lunch!

After a quick snack of fresh strawberries and almonds, I took a break in my recliner and read another chapter in It Starts with Food, then actually had enough energy to cook a great meal for the family and myself! I even cleared, wiped and set the table so we could all eat together!

Dinner = 1/2 grilled chicken breast w/o grilled onions, 1 cup organic steamed broccoli w/ghee, 1 1/2 small organic sweet potatoes w/ghee,

"Dessert" eaten immediately after dinner, blueberries, about 1/2 cup

The victory was, usually with a day like that I totally would have caved and gotten pizza or fast food for dinner, as I would not possibly had the energy to cook dinner!

Second victory was that I was able to drink over two quarts of water, despite being insanely busy all day!

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