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Starting July 11, 2016


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Hello all,

Two years ago I tested positive for both candida antibodies and thyroid antibodies when I started seeing an integrative medicine nurse practitioner. I did a SIBO modified elimination diet followed by a candida diet and definitely felt better, had more energy, lost weight, less fatigue, etc. Over the past two years I frequently fall off the wagon and I am having a lot of difficulty sticking to the healthier habits. I always thought I ate really healthy before so it is frustrating to have to put so much thought and time into changing my nutritional habits. I do not have support at home at all. My husband is such a picky eater and refuses to change his ways. So, I thought trying the Whole 30 might help me examine my relationship with food and build a healthy habit with the support of this community. Looking forward to starting as soon as our 4th of July trip is over and our Dixie Chicks concert the following weekend!



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