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Whole30 - Ulcerative Colitis (relaps)

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first of all I would like to thank you for all the work you have done for me and many other people. I appreciate that you chose this path and wish you best of luck.


Little introduction.

I have UC for 8 years now, however it wasnt really a problem. At least I thought so. I had diarrhea in a cycles, when some lasted even one year. But no pain, frekvency was 1 per day, no blood or any other complications. In time it felt like its normal. It changed in last 6 month and doctors confirmed via kolonoskopy and samples that I have UC.

Now I am on Asacol 3x and first month on prednison (and hopefully last). My condition is really good compared to some cases since I bled like 1 week in my whole life.

I understood that my condition wont be better if I wont change things in my life. I am convinced that my state of my mind and life priorities are main reason I got in to this mess. Second was the way I ate.

I read a lot about my choices and others experiences. I understood that this is absolutly individual disease and aproach must be the same (and I loved that). This was the time when I realize potential of this situation and I got the motivation (when you need to survive you have all the motivation in the world right?), which I lack(ed?) for so long time.


I felt like Paleo is close to me and I felt I should go for it. Even I dont agree with some theory in your book I felt it could work for me. I am gluten free like 6 month and my meals wasnt "classic" fast foods etc. When I switched to Whole30 I didnt have to erase to many faktors (rice, cottage, honey, fruktosis sugar, glutten free bread - this lasted 2 month and actually it worked well).

Since I wanted to give to my body the best things I also cut raw vegetable, nightshades, white part of egg, fruits in any form, coconut products, nuts. All of my meals I cook myself. Meat is bio, vegetable is not always bio.


I am 183cm high and have 62kg (started on 65kg). My normal weight is around 70kg - 75kg.


Here is what I ate in last 4 days:

Portions of meat is more than my hand (one and half mostly - or more, I eat a lot). I ate at start more veggie (bcs I love it), but it didnt do me well, so I decreased amount to normal size (due to your book). At start I was tired so I added more fats (avocado, ghi, EVOO) and it is better now, but not ideal).


1. Turkey (on pan), ghi, sweet potatoes (purple), 1/2 avocado

2. Baked Chicken with baked salad, onion and carrot, ghi

3. Blueberries in microwave (this was a tryout)

4. Turkey (on pan), ghi, sweet potatoes, 1/2 avocado + tunna in can (Extra virgin olive oil 32g + 50g tunna)


1. Turkey (on pan), ghi, sweet potatoes (white)

2. Tunna in can

3. Turkey (on pan), ghi, sweet potatoes (white) + 1/2 avocado

4. Baked Chicken with baked salad, onion and carrot, ghi + 1/2 avocado


1. Yolks (5x), 1/2 beet, ghi, 1/2 avocado, raw peeled radishes (tryout) 5x

2. Broth with leek and mixed veggie (brocoli, onion, carrot, celery) and chicken, ghi

3. Broth with leek and mixed veggie (brocoli, onion, carrot, celery) and chicken, ghi

4. Tunna

5. Baked chicken with baked cabbage + 1/2 avocado


1. Yolks (6x), zucchini pancakes (not sure if I have good word), 1/2 avocado

2. Baked chicken with baked cabbage, ghi

3. Broth with leek and mixed veggie (brocoli, onion, carrot, celery) and chicken, ghi

4. Turkey on pan, 1/2 avocado



As you see, I eat mostly chicken and turkey, also I will try to add minced beef this week. Some of the veggie I cannot process even well cooked (mostly the green ones). But I am tryin to change them so I have variable of different food types.

I stopped loosing weight when I added more avocado and ghi. Anyway I am not sure if it is enough. Since I would love to get back at least to 68kg.


I am 14 days in Whole30 and 20 days on prednisone (after 3 days I get really  better). I am not watching huge changes yet. Only think is, that I need less of sleep which is great. Not sure if its cose of Paleo or Prednisone.

I feel lack of sugar. I dont actually desire to eat candies (but its true I would like to have some gluttenfree bueberry pie!!) but I would love to get to me some fruits. Unfortunatelly I know this could make me feel worse. So I will end next 14 days mostlikely without fruits. Or until my body stops fighting and heal little bit more.


During this 14 days my UC stayed on same level except 2 days when it gets little crazy (but reason for that could be little stress or fruits tryout).

I expect that this month could prepare me for propper tryout for different types of food. Main focus for me is to find food which supports me or at least doesnt pollute my body.


Thank you for reading my little story and I would be glad for any advice and experience which could help me out.

Sorry for my english, I hope its understandable.


I wish best of luck to others with their fight. I know you can make it! Stay strong!







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Update after Whole30.


Today I completed whole plan as I described in previous post and I would like to update on results. I must point out that everyone is unique and this is just for insipration purposes.


Unfortunately I didnt see any major changes and Whole30 didnt change my life. I am glad that I dont need that much sleep. That is main benefit of the program. On the other hand I really start feeling that the amount of meat is too much for me.

My UC condition didnt dramatically change. Only change I see is because of dosage of my medicaments.


Tomorrow I will start adding off-plan food. Potatoes, rice, honey, gluten free flour, gluten free bread, cottage, sour cream, cream, cottage, cheese. On every one I will have 2-3 days. Will let you know how that worked.


Best of luck to all.


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