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Angie's 1st Whole 30

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Hi.  My real name is Angela, but lots call me Angie.  When I tried creating my twitter name, Angela was 1 character too long, so Angie it is!


This will be my first whole 30.   From my understanding this is supposed to be my daily log, and sort of a journal.  I'll do my best to keep up with it.  And I tend to get wordy... so if I start to ramble, my apologies.  It's hard for me to organize my thoughts some times most times unless I can write or type them.


I have to be honest.  I really don't have faith in myself that I can stick to this commitment.  I'm scared that I will fail or give up.


I've known about Whole 30 for YEARS.  My husband was a CF instructor.  He also worked in the medical field.  

When it came to fitness and nutrition, we KNEW all the right answers, but we never practiced them ourselves.  

Oh sure we could pound out a grinding workout. But pass up a bag of chips?  Or deep fried mozzarella sticks?  Nope.


I have let our business, and our very tight budget while hubby was in school, become a reason, then an excuse, then a crutch for why I chose to hang on to my bad eating crap food addictions.  


Yes. Not being able to afford good clean healthy food was the truth and reality for us while we were struggling through school.  Yes working two jobs to replace the one good job that was lost was a reason for the inability to really plan.


But our situation did change because of graduation and both getting better work position. Our habits have not.  And when we could afford better food, I just bought more expensive crap junk food.  And I have let this crap food be a controlling factor in my life.   


Sure I know this isn't healthy nor the best for me or my kids.


And I've made efforts to change.  I've had times where I would start to work out or eat healthier.

I did train for and Finish a half marathon using walk/jog intervals.


 But it didn't last and I was never consistent.


While I did make outward changes, I don't think I ever was honest and open in my inner self and the changes never last.


I would do great at planning for a week or two.   Then I would get overwhelmed. Or bored.  Or something would throw us off our life routines and I don't deal with change well.


I need routine and to know what to expect.  But I get bored easily.  It's not a good combination.


I will start the 3rd weekend of July.  My birthday is next weekend and the cake has already been ordered.  Also it will give me time to read more and assemble a better shopping list for next payday grocery run.


During these two weeks I will make some small changes.  Giving up stevia in my coffee for one.  Also when I run out of an item I will only buy for myself Whole 30 compliant items.


I will do what I can to modify my current recipes to be whole 30 compliant but still something yummy.


In the end though I may need to make a meal for my family and a meal for myself.


I still do not have faith I can stick to this....




I'm going to be open and honest and stick to it as long as I can. .  I need to be honest and vulnerable with my feelings about food. Maybe this will help me find the lasting change I need and self discipline and grit to persevere for 30 days.


But I will make an effort to not share too much or ramble needlessly.


- Angie

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