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Done and done! *high five*


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I just wanted to celebrate with people who get it, so....I DID IT!!! Today is day 32 and I'm feeling great! I haven't done much by way of reintroduction yet. Definitely taking it slow. My one craving was for "real" ketchup. If you had asked me when I started what would be the first food I would add back to my diet, I would not have said ketchup. But, it is just not the same without some sugar in it! That being said, it was way too sweet. Lol. It's funny how much your taste buds change in these 30 days. The ketchup I got was still compliant in all of the other ingredients, it just had cane sugar added. The ketchup, plus about a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee yesterday, is all I have done so far to go off plan. I haven't started testing any of the inflammatory categories yet. I'm in no hurry. Definitely going for the slow roll. I think my body still has some work to do anyway. I am still having some skin breakouts and occasional GI issues. Not major, but I'm just being gentle and giving my system time to really get through the detox. I want the full on Tiger's Blood! :)

So, here's the success I had at the end of the 30 days: 9.4 lbs lost and 9.5 inches overall (a little from everywhere). It wasn't until the last week that I could start to tell a little bit of difference by looking in the mirror. I was having to fight through some discouragement about that in the middle of the 30 days, but I'm starting to notice more obvious physical changes now. I was also having crazy headaches almost every day up until about day 28. Those have backed off now, too. I definitely have more energy and have upped my "workouts" (aka, walking my dog) both in distance and in frequency. I'm really happy with the experience and plan to just keep going with getting my slow roll on. Thanks for celebrating with me!!! *high five*


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