Non-Food Rewards?

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I picked out a nice face mask from Sephora and put it in my online shopping cart. When I hit day 30 (Tuesday) I'm going to buy it for myself. I picked this because one of my big accomplishments this round of Whole30 was stopping stress eating and sticking to the no snacking rule. This is a huge NSV for me, and I'm planning on using the face mask to relax/destress as an alternative to stress-eating after Whole30. So it is both a reward and a reminder to continue with my healthy habits and encourage me to stick to a lifestyle change. 

I also picked out a new workout outfit (every item was on clearance) as a reward, and am planning on my next reward being a new pair of workout shoes. 


Other reward ideas: knitting patterns (or other craft supplies), buying a new book or magazine, buying a new lotion or massage oil 

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If budget allows, new clothes for your new body!  I just got back from the mall where I went a little overboard treating myself to both work and casual clothes in my new size.

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