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  1. Has anyone ever frozen egg cups?

    I have frozen egg frittata cups without issue. I used the recipe on the nom nom paleo blog.
  2. Cauliflower pie and....?

    If eggs are your only source of protein in a meal, you should have as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping (for most that is at least 3-4). Since this only had six eggs, I would probably add a little more protein. For vegetables, it depends on how big the slices are. You want about 2-3 cups. You could measure how many cups of sweet potato and cauliflower you use and then divide by 2 to determine the number of servings.
  3. Mexican salmon cakes

  4. Kudos?

    I am sorry to hear about your panic attack, but congratulations on making a healthy choices to cope!
  5. Traveling for Work

    I know this is too late to help you, but I travel every other week for work (at least). This month I'm travelling 4/17-4/20 and 4/24-4/27. In addition, all of my travel (hotels, flights, rental cars if any, etc) are booked through my work, so I am limited in my ability to plan my travel around grocery store hours, amenities in the hotel, etc. On 4/17 I land at 11:30 pm if there are no delays. These are business trips and my hours while travelling are often 10-12 hour shifts, and I'm lucky to have 30 minutes for lunch. Here is what I pack to stay compliant: 1 med-large insulated lunch bag packed with: frozen fish cakes, frozen frittata mini muffins, frozen grilled chicken sliced into strips. I pack enough of these for breakfast every day, plus 1-2 meals extra in case I can't find compliant lunch or dinner. Freezing the food solid the night before and then packing in my lunch bag the day of allows them to keep while I'm on the plane, but be thawed out in time for dinner or breakfast the next morning. I also slice up bell peppers, green onions, and cucumbers, enough for vegetables to supplement each breakfast and a few dinners. Celery and carrots are also good options, but I can't stand them so I don't pack them I then pack almonds or other nuts, pouches of olives, pouches of tuna (read labels as many main brands have soy) and travel packs of almond butter (note - the almond butter must be less than 3 oz and fit in your 1 quart bag with other liquids). I pack enough for lunch each day I'm there and dinners on the days of the flights. Finally, I keep a few Epic bars and lara bars in my work bag in the event that my flight is delayed beyond the food that I've packed and I can't find a compliant option. A typical trip for me looks something like this: 4/17: M1: Normal breakfast at home M2: normal lunch at work M3: grilled chicken or fish cakes and vegetables with olives at the airport or hotel on landing. 4/18: M1: Frittata mini muffin with bell pepper strips, a banana and almond butter, cold brew coffee from a coffee shop. M2: Fish cakes, vegetables, and olive pouch. M3: Sashimi (purchased out) + sliced vegetables and almonds (packed). 4/19: M1: Grilled chicken + vegetables and nut butter w/ banana, M2: Tuna pouch w/ olives + sliced vegetables and plain salad from a restaurant. M3: Sweet Greens salad (they have many compliant options) 4/20: M1: Grilled chicken, vegetables and nut butter w/ banana, M2: Tuna pouch, olives, sliced vegetables. M3: Tuna pouch, olives, plain salad from the airport. Yes, it is a little high on nut butter or nuts for fat, and you could absolutely reduce that and add some avocado or compliant guacamole. If you have time to grocery shop when you arrive or have additional amenities that makes it easier, but since my schedule is rarely set by me, I plan to not have time to shop or pick up compliant options.
  6. BEST brussel sprouts EVER

    I tried these and they turned out great! I did have to hunt for liquid smoke that was compliant, but it was delicious.
  7. Going to Applebee's

    I would recommend calling to ask questions at a time when they won't be too busy (so don't call during lunch rush or dinner rush). Then you can ask what oils they use to cook/grill, whether or not the chicken has any marinades, etc. Recipes and suppliers can vary regionally and change over time, so unfortunately if you can't find information on the website, to be certain you'll need to speak to someone at the location you plan on going to. You could likely have a salad with no cheese, no croutons, and then bring your own dressing. You could also ask for a plain baked potato and add your own dressing/mayo if you don't want it plain for sides.
  8. I have ginger turmeric tea from the spice and tea exchange that I drink when nauseated. You can also have compliant chicken broth, other teas and coconut water (instead of powerade). Also bland food like mashed potatoes.
  9. Need Motivation Day 20...

    @Colorado Girl I believe primal mayo is compliant and comes in flavors or you could get plain and add spices/flavors. Tapatio and Tobasco are compliant, but you'll have to check the labels to make sure that the recipe in your region is the same. I believe Frank's Red Hot (not buffalo) is also compliant. Wholly Guacamole is also compliant in some areas, but the ones in my region have added sugar in some of the recipes so again you would need to check the label.
  10. Need Motivation Day 20...

    @Colorado Girl I also had my gall bladder removed and don't have issues with the fat requirements for Whole30 as long as I am adding plant based fats. This is something I found even before Whole 30. For me, like butter/ghee, bacon, prosciutto, and other animal fats are much harder for me to handle than avocados, olive oil, coconut oil (refined oil doesn't have the taste if that is your issue with coconut and it isn't an allergy), or walnut/macadamia nut/sesame seed oil. Your experience may be different, but it is worth seeing if there are some you can handle better than others. If the guacamole wasn't an issue that would be a good item to add to foods. Also, depending on how you tolerate fats, you may have to have a mini meal with some protein and fat between regular meals to get enough fat without upsetting your digestion rather than eating it all in a single meal. You might try picking up some riced cauliflower or spiralized vegetables so that you aren't roasting/sauteeing everything. Also, there is absolutely nothing that says you can't add sauce on Whole30! I like to make a ginger/sesame sauce for stir fry, enchilada sauce for taco salad or stuffed potatoes, guacamole, and different flavors of aioli to drizzle over food or use as a dipping sauce. There are also a number of compliant hot sauces out there.
  11. Trader Joes

    I just found black garlic at my Trader Joe's. It is amazing. It is great blended into mayo to make a garlic mayo that isn't quite as assertive. I also have added it to marinades for fish or chicken. It is also the only place around me where I can find "broccolini" or baby broccoli.
  12. Any tips for less smelly protein??

    @RabbitFood Honestly, I'm a terrible office mate. I bring in cabbage stew, roasted cauliflower, etc. Lots of food that has a strong scent. My coworkers have never said anything about it (I work in a job where I eat both breakfast and lunch at my desk most days; just a reality of the position I'm in). If you are really concerned about it, try considering how you spice them. Garlic, ginger, and curry or other fragrant spices will change how they smell.
  13. Starting February 20

    @xfrapgirl Congrats on finding positives, especially with the colds! I also have psoriasis, and you may find that there are Whole30 compliant foods that affect that (such as nightshades). You can also try topical tea tree oil. Mine is mainly on my scalp, but with using a tea tree oil shampoo is almost completely cleared up! For whey, I would reintroduce that with dairy since it is a dairy-based protein.
  14. less than 2%

    Aidells chicken and apple sausage is compliant as is Amylu chorizo. As ShannonM816 said check labels to confirm as recipes can change and may vary regionally.
  15. Starting February 20

    Today starts my restricted diet for my medical procedure. No vegetables other than potatoes for the next three days! After enjoying so many! I have really enjoyed being part of this group. It definitely helped make the 30 days go by faster. I hope everyone is celebrating the huge achievement of sticking to healthy choices! Thank you all for sharing your journey, victories and struggles, and your awesome recipe finds. I'll share a few of my NSVs: My hair looks great. It is shiny without looking greasy and it feels stronger. I haven't been eating for stress/comfort and have had significantly fewer snacks. I've been consistently increasing my mini-workouts and have worked out or done yoga every day for the last 2 weeks! Consistency is key. My clothes fit better. and I have a good plan to continue these changes (including signing up for a CSA so that I can get fresh, local produce all summer). We'll be doing another 30 days starting 3/27 (after my medical procedure) and then doing slow reintroductions, starting with legumes and then non-gluten grains. If we reintroduce those without issue, we'll be doing a vegetarian Whole30 (as I mentioned previously). We both have some health issues we're working on, and 1 round won't be enough to get the healing we want to see, but I also know that this isn't intended to be "Whole365." Eventually we'll also reintroduce added sweeteners (honey and maple syrup) as well as possibly gluten grains for me (I have a loaf of local sourdough bread in the freezer calling my name). Unfortunately I already know dairy is a problem, but I may try reintroducing goat's milk or sheep's milk to see if I can tolerate that better.