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MCs Whole 30 Log


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Hi All,

Starting my W30 tomorrow.

I have been Paleo for the majority of the last year and a half until end of March. Back then my work project suddenly got cancelled, resulting in a very uncertain period, leading to an international move and a new job. I was actually half way my first W30 when it all happened, but unfortunately I let myself be persuaded of solving the situation by (social) drinking and mindless eating :(

But now better times are coming atound the corner; I mobe to a new country, landed a new job, found a new place to live, and decided it is time to get back to an improved lifestyle :)

Main things I hope to improve with this W30:

- Sleep pattern: I wake up in the middle of the night pretty often lately, and do not feel refreshed in the morning.

- Energy level: maybe related to my sleep, but sometimes even the thought of doing something small makes me tired.

- Achy joints: My feet are often sore and stiff

- Hungry all day: Fed up of thinking about food all day

- Getting back in an excercise routine

- Weight: would like to see some weightloss to ease the knees during running (I'm overweight) but this is not prio 1. I do not own a scale at the moment (my container from my move is still on its way) so I will have to trust my clothes for final assessment if W30 has helped to get some weight off.

Looking forward to starting, Happy W30 everybody

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