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Starting AGAIN 8/16/2016


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I am doing it all wrong.. story of my life.  Sugar??? NOPE.. FLOUR??? NOPE.. VODKA??? ummmm YUP.:huh:  grass-fed butter???? YUP :blink: Cheese and sour cream???? :o.  Ok So I have decided to try it again tomorrow.  I obviously have a binge personality so nuts and fruit are off limits for me as well.  So back to meat and veggies??? I honestly don't know if I can survive on meat and veggies alone???  Oh well I can do it right.. It's only 30 days right???  


Here is to starting over again.  I need a cheering squad for me cuz this is harder than I thought...  


Love my life!

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1 minute ago, muzykgrl said:

Lol I had ice cream this weekend.  Starting again today.  No not easy but doable.  

I love Ice Cream muzykgrl.  I have been doing Atkins forever so the carbs are not the problem for me.  it is the vodka and dairy.  I did good for 5 days and then fell off the wagon so to speak.  Yes it is doable but I never realized how emotional eating is... :angry:... I have to say I felt amazing on day 4 and then I celebrated how great I felt on day 5 lol.  I am confused because in one of the articles I read it said grass fed butter was ok also in the book it starts with food and ghee but then I read in the forum grass fed butter no bueno.  But I was doing the bulletproof coffee in the morning instead of eating breakfast for almost 2 weeks and I lost nothing and felt miserable.  SO I will cut out the bulletproof coffee and the moo moo... tomorrow of course tomorrow.


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